The Principal

Brett Stettner of Stettner Diamond Investments carries a reputation for knowledge, professionalism, and confidence. Most importantly, he has a passion for diamond investments that has earned him the client’s trust and familiarity of the market. The Stettner Promise is a commitment to deliver the highest standard of service while enhancing the relationships that have built his professionalism in the industry.

The Stettner Promise

Security – The clients’ confidentiality, personal information and the security of all transactions are of the highest importance to Stettner Diamond Investments. We operate with discretion and the client’s privacy in mind at all times. Stettner Diamond Investments is capable of dealing with any level of business transactions. We select the most appropriate shipping method to ensure your valuables are secure throughout the entire sales and delivery process.

Timeliness – Stettner Diamond Investments takes pride in the ability to evaluate, appraise and close a transaction swiftly. We understand that our client’s time is valuable and are committed to delivering service within a timely manner. Although we never rush a client into selling, we always do our best to accommodate a client’s urgent needs – including traveling upon request.

Value – Valuations are based upon a combination of objective and subjective analysis and therefore buyers and sellers are often found on opposite sides of the negotiating table. Stettner Diamond Investments employ a “Best Value” approach to business, allowing all parties to work in unison towards a mutually beneficial transaction.

Personal Service – Stettner Diamond Investments carries on the tradition of a relationship driven business. Although we serve a diverse range of national and international clientele, it is our commitment that each client, regardless of transaction value, is personally serviced and treated with the utmost importance.

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